About 100 Men

We are a community organization of men in the Dallas area who give a damn about our city and the people in it! We work with local charities to make an impactful donation 4 times a year to different charities that make an impact in our local area.

How It Works

Once per quarter we get together and each member pledges a minimum of $100 to the organization chosen by the group. We’ll bring in 3 charities who will be nominated by the group to each event, to make a short presentation. Everyone then votes and one of the charities gets a big check!
We expect that all our members try to attend our quarterly meetings and every attendee is expected to contribute. In doing so, our quarterly donation goal is $10,000, given to the proper charity that’s an amount that can change lives and make a REAL impact in our community.
Do you give a damn about Dallas? Join us. Let’s leave the world a little better than we found it. Let’s make arealimpactin the lives of people who live and work near us!


Benjamin Lauer

BeN Lauer

Ben is the event organizer of 100 Men of Dallas. He is the Lead Sales Agent and Team Leader at Ben Lauer Real Estate Group.
Adam Jochelson

Adam Jochelson

Adam serves in secretarial and outreach roles for 100 Men. He’s also the local publisher of Dallas Coffee News, a private tutor of math and science, and an civil/environmental engineer.
Kirk Justus

kirk justus

Kirk is a lifelong East Dallas Resident who was born, raised, and sill lives in Lake Highlands. Just-Us Consultants coaches, consults, and trains on personal productivity and project planning. 

mark melton

Mark is a partner at Holland & Knight LLP. He is a Dallas resident and graduate of the SMU School of Law. He is glad to give back to the community through his work with 100 Men of Dallas.
Mark Ramsey

Mark Ramsey

Mark is the charity coordinator of 100 Men of Dallas. He is a wholesale distributor for Business Solutions Technology.
Rick Salmeron

rick salmeron

Rick is a long time East Dallas resident, devoted dad, happy husband, cat lover, hot yoga addict, customer service junkie, foodie, sports fanatic. Overall nice guy. 

Jesse Simmons

Jesse Simmons

Jesse is the membership director for 100 Men of Dallas. He is the owner and operator of Jesse’s HVAC and Air Conditioning.
Ross Williams

ross williams

Ross represents clients in litigation involving trade secrets, contract disputes, high-stakes business disputes and business divorces, non-competes, non-solicitation provisions, employer non-subscriber defense, notes, guarantees, unpaid accounts, cryptocurrency, and internet defamation.
Jonathan D. Spiliotopoulos

Jonathan D. Spiliotopoulos

Jonathan provides marketing support for 100 Men.  He owns a marketing managed services agency called The Creative Offices that focuses on branding and website design.